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Renewal of Press Card (R)

Dear Journalists,

For the convenience of resident foreign correspondents,the press card processing and extension procedures are adjusted by the International Press Center(IPC)as follows:

1,The term of validity of press cards for new resident foreign correspondents is adjusted to a natural year, ie. 12 months.

2,The application of press card extension should be submitted  within 2 months before the expiration .Correspondents in Beijing please apply to IPC, and those who based in Shanghai, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Shenyang, Shenzhen or Dalian please apply to your respective registration department.

3,To enhance the communication and interaction with resident foreign journalists, officials in charge from the Information Department of the Ministry 

of Foreign Affairs or the foreign affairs offices of local people's governments may meet foreign correspondents, whose application of press 

card extension is being processed.

4,A statement should be sent before the expiration date of the press card to the Information Department or the foreign affairs offices in case that

 the application of press card extension can not be submitted in due time. An unexcused late application will be regarded as voluntary renouncement 

of the credential of the resident foreign journalist, and the press card will be invalidated.

Foreign journalists in Beijing applying for Renewal of Press Cards(R)  are required to present the following documents:

1. An application letter for extension signed by the chief of the organization the journalist works for.

2. A valid Press Card (R) in original and one copy of it

3. Registration Form for Renewal of Press Card

4.Two Passport Photos (2 inches with blue background)

If you have any question, please contact IPC by calling 65882585/65882586 or sent emails to ipc@mfa.gov.cn, xws1@mfa.gov.cn.

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