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China's Special Envoy on the Middle East Issue Wu Sike Holds Briefing for Chinese and Foreign Media on Situations in Palestine, Israel and Iraq

On July 28, 2014, China's Special Envoy on the Middle East Issue Wu Sike held a briefing for Chinese and foreign media on the current situations in Palestine, Israel and Iraq at the Foreign Ministry. Nearly thirty Chinese and foreign media were present.

Wu Sike first introduced his recent two successive visits to eight Middle East countries such as Israel, Palestine, and Iraq and the Arab League headquarters, and expounded China's principle and position and efforts. On the Palestine-Israel conflict, Wu Sike stressed that it is imperative to immediately cease fire, and air strikes, ground military operations and rocket projectile launch and others must be stopped and it is an important safeguard to form mediating forces. He urged the parties involved in the conflict to positively respond to the Egyptian ceasefire proposal and the mediation efforts of the international community at an early date. He said that it is the basic way out to resume and promote peace talks, and he called for Israel and Palestine to overcome difficulties and meet each other halfway to create favorable conditions for an early resumption of the talks.

On the situation in Iraq, Wu Sike stressed that the key to solving the issue is to accelerate political reconciliation, and the international community should reach consensus and synergy on the issue of counter-terrorism, abandon double standards, and speed up political settlements to the regional hotspot issues.

Wu Sike also answered questions, including the latest development of the Palestine-Israel situation, prospects of international mediation, Chinese efforts on mediation, and China-Iraq economic and trade cooperation, from Chinese and foreign media.

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