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Invitation to Group Reporting Trip to Chaoyang District

Dear journalists,

To better understand the protection and utilization of old factories for expanding cultural space and upgrading the industrial structure in Beijing, the International Press Center (IPC) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has the pleasure to invite resident foreign correspondents to a half day group reporting trip with the theme of "New story of old factory buildings in Beijing" starting from 13:30, October 10th. The field trip will feature Langyuan Vintage cultural and creative industries, Laijin cultural and creative industries and Chaoyang Museum of urban planning.

Please fill in the application form (Appendix), and send it to ipc@mfa.gov.cn (using the applicant's personal e-mail address) before 12:00 PM September 29, Saturday..

Due to restriction of the group size, this invitation is valid on a first-come-first-get basis. The final notice of the IPC is needed for confirmation.

Contact: Ms. Huang Li   Tel: 010-65962840

The International Press Center

September 27, 2018

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