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Interviewing Spokespersons of Governmental Agencies

i. Spokesperson of the Foreign Ministry

The Foreign Ministry holds regular press conferences every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon at 2:45 p.m. in the Press Room of the Foreign Ministry. At these regular conferences, the Foreign Ministry Spokesperson is authorized to announce to the media news about international visits by Chinese state leaders and visits to China by foreign dignitaries and other high-level government officials, elaborate Chinese government's positions and opinions on major foreign policy issues and answer questions raised by journalists concerning China's foreign policy. Beijing-based resident foreign journalist must present Press Card (R) to be admitted to the press conferences.

Between press conferences, resident foreign journalists may contact the Spokesperson's office at 010-6596-3342 (Fax: 010-65963340) with questions concerning China's foreign policy. After working hours, journalists can call 13910869861 for information.

ii. Spokespersons of Other Governmental Agencies

1. Foreign journalists who have questions concerning China's domestic matters should call the State Council Information Office's hotline at 010-65592311.

2. State Council ministries, commissions and their subsidiaries all have spokespersons that are responsible for releasing news about their respective departments. When necessary, foreign journalists may direct their questions to these spokespersons.

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