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  Notice on Reporting Trip to Sichuan for Chengdu-Europe Express Rail
   Dear journalists,
  The Overseas Chinese Affairs and Foreign Affairs Office of Sichuan Provincial People's Government and the Foreign Affairs Office of Chengdu Munic...
Notice on the Adjournment of the Regular Press Conference of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs(2014-07-11)
Notice on Media Coverage for the 6th Round China-US S&ED and the 5th Round China-US CPE(2014-07-08)
Notice on Covering the Joint Opening Ceremony and the Joint Opening Conference of the 6th Round of China-US S&ED and the 5th Round of China-US CPE(2014-07-08)
Notice on Press Briefings at the Media Center of the 6th S&ED and the 5th CPE(2014-07-08)
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Bangladesh Signed Documents on Joining CICA and Held a Br...(2014-05-20)
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Recommendations on Special Interview Routes in 2012 (I)
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Regulations of the People's Republic of China on News Coverage by P...
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